“My Career in Comics”: A Comic Book Exhibit

May 3, 2017 – May 8, 2017 all-day
Penfield Library Lobby
Free & Open to the Public

Career In Comics

Take a break from the hectic semester’s end to view select original comic book art spanning decades collected by Oswego alum and current graduate art student Suzanne Gaffney Beason. Please also encourage students to enjoy this rare opportunity at Penfield Library until May 8th. 

“I left Oswego in 1984 armed only with my SUNY Oswego BFA and a small u-Haul carrying mostly art supplies, an old couch, and ink-covered sweatshirts. I was headed for NYC intending to get my Masters Degree and join the vibrant art community of the big city. Now 30 years later, I’m back at Oswego, finally getting my Masters, and joining another art community, no less vibrant than the one I just left. In between, I spent 30 years as an editor in the publishing industry. Through circumstances well beyond any plan, I ended up working at Marvel Comics as an Editor in the X-MEN family and later at DC Comics as Director of Editorial Scheduling. As I like to say, Marvel was a great place to grow up and DC was a great place to come back to (after I did stints at “real” publishing for houses like Reader’s Digest and Pearson Education). 
Please enjoy a sampling of my personal collection of cherished mementos from my time in the industry where ‘business as usual’ is the unusual. Did I mention it was Red Jumpsuit Day at Marvel when I had my first interview–ever? But that’s a story for another day…”
Suzanne Gaffney Beason
MA in Studio Arts, Candidate 2017
BFA in Printmaking/Drawing, 1984

More Information:
Michael Flanagan, Director
Tyler Art Gallery
226 Tyler (office) 
24 Hewitt (mailing)
SUNY Oswego, NY 13126
(315) 312-2112

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