Planetarium Show: General Relativity, Generally

May 6, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
SHI 223 (Planetarium), Shineman Center
Free & Open to the Public

Planetarium Show: General Relativity, Generally
What is General Relativity? Using SUNY Oswego’s planetarium, Host Richard Frieman shall explore the fundamentals of General Relativity as proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915. General Relativity has been used to predict the bending of light around massive celestial objects and explains why atomic clocks tick slower on the Earth compared to in orbit.

Limited seating, so please arrive a little early.
Free parking in parking lots C8 and E17.
No food and/or drink in the Planetarium, please.
Planetarium shows are not recommended for babies (they don’t like the dark).

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