The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures Presents the German Film “The Nasty Girl”

February 5, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Room 132, Marano Campus Center Auditorium
Free & Open to the Public

The 1990 German Film “The Nasty Girl” (Das schreckliche Mädchen) was written by Kenneth Chisholm and directed by Michael Verhoeven.
Sonja is a German high school student who participates in a writing contest and endeavors to write an essay about her town’s history during the Third Reich and its resistance to it. To her dismay, and more so the town’s, she uncovers instead definite collaboration during the period. As she digs deeper, she must struggle against the town’s vocal and violent opposition to her search for the truth.

In German with English subtitles
IST Approved

“The Nasty Girl” Official Movie Trailer”

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